Curriculum Intent and Rationale

At Regency High School our curriculum aims to ensure that the journey our pupils take through their education is informed.  Through ensuring their access to the appropriate curriculum model, we aim to secure outstanding outcomes to develop academic achievement, independence, engagement and social development as they transition through school and move towards adulthood.

 The pathways for our pupils are not defined by age, but by need and achievement; allowing pupils to move flexibly between pathways at any point during their school career.


Each level covers skills, knowledge and understanding across a range of areas of learning, and they are blended together, so as to facilitate a ‘learning flow’ between the pathways.

Individual learning needs are further met through bespoke intervention programmes for enhanced personalisation. We want to provide all pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum but not overwhelming or irrelevant so we have a balance of experiences and a development of skills and knowledge that is sequential and paced effectively.


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