Careers & Transitions

Careers information, advice and guidance is a vital part of the curriculum offered at Regency High School and makes a major contribution to preparing young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. The school aims to deliver impartial careers guidance to help students make informed choices about their future and this is adapted to meet the wide range of needs within the school.

The curriculum helps pupils achieve the following broad aims:

To understand themselves and the influences on them (Self Development)
To investigate opportunities in learning and work (Career Exploration)
To make and adjust plans to manage change and transition (Career Management)


Transition and Careers Information


Regency Careers Information Booklet


Choices – SEND Life Beyond School

Careers Advisor

Name: Tom George

Email: [email protected]


Tom George

Tom George

Transitions & Careers Advisor

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 pupils are introduced to careers by investigating the world of work and preparing to make choices. In year 9 they will choose some options they want to do at Key Stage 4. This is taught as part of the PSHE programme. Students in Year 9 will also have some 1:1 support from the school’s Transitions and Careers Advisor, Tom George.




Self – awareness

Starting a new class and managing changes

Investigating the world of work

What is work?

Attitudes to work & money.

The changing world of work

Life Beyond School Event (Year 9)

Preparing to make choices

My strengths & areas for improvement

Likes and dislikes

Option choices (Year 9)

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 pupils cover employability skills; stereotyping and careers; me and my future. The school’s Transitions and Careers Advisor will deliver some sessions. Students will have the opportunity to find out about courses that are available when they leave school through the ‘Life Beyond School’ Event. Students will also have some 1:1 support from the school’s Transitions and Careers Advisor.




Employability Skills

Key skills

Skills and qualities needed for the workplace

What makes a good or bad employer?

Telephone skills

Writing a draft CV

Stereotyping and careers

Skills needed for different jobsJob options

Writing a job advert

Conditions of work

Life Beyond School Event

Me and my future

Options and plans for the future

Where to find out about jobsNational

Careers Service website

Where to find out about college courses

Interview skills

Work Experience – taster day


Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5 pupils cover preparation for work experience and preparation for employment. Pupils are given the opportunity to go on work experience once a week over a period of 6-8 weeks; this can be completed within school or a placement in the local community during the school year. Work experience provides an excellent opportunity for pupils to widen their knowledge skills and understanding of the working world. Pupils will keep a diary of their experiences and review how they got on; parents/carers are also encouraged to feedback their views. The school has developed some excellent links with local employers to extend the range of jobs pupils can choose from. Team Enterprise gives pupils the opportunity to work with other Key Stage 5 classes on a range of activities Students will access the National Careers Service website Students will also have some 1:1 support from the school’s Transitions and Careers Advisor.

Pupils with PMLD are introduced to the world of work through their lifeskills programme and the Team Enterprise activities at Key Stage 5. Some students, if appropriate to their needs will have a taster of work experience within school.




Preparation for work experience

Lifestyle choices

Choosing a work experience

The benefits of work experience

Expectations of work experience

Health and Safety in the workplace

Visits to different work places

Team Enterprise

Work Experience

Update CV

Writing a Personal Statement

Preparation for employment

Exploring job opportunities Exploring

the National Careers Service website

Interview skills

Visits to different work places

Visits to local colleges

Team Enterprise

Work Experience

Life Beyond School Event

Preparation for employment

Rights and responsibilities at work

Alternatives to paid work

Applying for a job

Fill in an application form

Writing a letter of application

Understanding a wage slip

Team Enterprise

Work Experience

Transition Information Events

Regency High holds a ‘Life Beyond School Event’ each year to give students, parents and carers the opportunity to meet some post school providers and pick up information about their post-school offers. Providers attending include local colleges, specialist colleges, day care providers, and support agencies such as social care, advocacy groups and transport.

On Wednesday 18th October we held a Jobs Fair at school with the support from Sue Fitzmaurice (SouthCo), Clare Gilkes (Jobcentre Plus) and Tom George (Careers and Transitions Advisor). This was an opportunity for students to find out about different jobs, ask questions and take part in some ‘have a go’ activities. This was a great success and there was lots of positive feedback both from the employers and the students.


World Skills Show

On the 17th November 2017 Key Stage 5 went to The World Skills Show at the NEC in Birmingham – this is the nations largest skills and careers event. The students really enjoyed it. Some of the words used to describe the event are: awesome, a great experience, impressive, inspirational, challenging, entertaining, amazing and epic.


Volunteer Enterprise Adviser

Regency High School has recently been fortunate to gain the services of a volunteer business enterprise adviser, through the Worcestershire Careers and Enterprise Company. This is aimed at developing the links between schools and business to help widen the opportunities and awareness for young people in the world of work.

Sue Fitzmaurice is a Compensation and Benefits Manager at Southco, a global manufacturing company with a large base in Worcester. Sue will be helping the school to arrange links with local businesses and help widen the aspirations and employment awareness of our students.

Mazak Industrial Cadets Programme

Recently Mazak have offered the school some student places on their Industrial Cadets Programme, based at their manufacturing premises in Worcester. This is will be a week long work experience programme, covering a wide range of activities such as understanding how the operations at Mazak work, team work and hands on experience of being in the work place.


Leavers Destinations

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