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Monday 8th April - Easter Assembly (a letter will be sent out in due course)

Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter

At Regency High School our Team Enterprise group decided to use some of their funds to sponsor a kennel at Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter (WARS). WARS kindly send over an update about Cookie, the resident that stayed in the sponsored kennel over the last three months:













Name:                         Cookie

Breed:                         Bull Terrier X Mastif

Age:                            1 ½ years

Male/ Female:            Male

Moving in date:         25/04/18

This incredibly handsome lad came into the shelter as his owners were moving house and couldn’t take him with them. He is a big, solid dog who is quite strong on the lead but acts like a big puppy! He is wonderful with people and children, has a real friendly nature, can be left with no problem and is good with other dogs. 

Cookie does get incredibly excited while he is being walked though and has managed to get out of his harness few times.  His favourite game once out of his kennel is to do mad “zoomies” and then throw himself on the floor for a good roll.  You have to be ready for this and keep hold of that lead!

He is a wonderful boy and after some basic training and lots of regular exercise he would suit most homes, however we are looking for someone who has experience with bigger breeds due to his size and strength.


Sadly Cookie is still with us.  He has had some interest but even though he is wonderful with other dogs and has no aggression he can be a bit too bouncy for some and this has been the issue with people coming to see him when they have other dogs in the household.

Cookie’s behaviour has improved immensely since he has been with us.  He has calmed down a lot; he no longer mouths people, he is very settled in his kennel and hardly pulls on the lead at all any more.  What a great dog he is! And so handsome!

He is quite happy to be in kennels, unlike a lot of dogs.  He enjoys all his walks and then will very happily settle down on the sofa in his kennel and watch the world go by.  His new habit is balancing on the back of the sofa!

We are sure he will find his forever home soon – we have told him that it is worth the wait to find his perfect people where he can be happy forever.


Cookie did go out on a foster for a few weeks but unfortunately had to come back to us through no fault of his own.  He has been a bit sad and stressed since returning but we are giving him a lot of extra love and cuddles to try and make him feel better.  He has gone back into his old kennel to help him feel secure and has been out and about off-site with some of his favourite volunteers so we hope he will settle back in comfortably soon.

We now hope to find his perfect home now as we have lots of extra information from his fosterers.  It is very useful to find out how he has been in a home and what his specific needs are.  We know the right home is out there and hope it will come along as soon as possible.

Everyone has everything crossed for you Cookie Monster!!







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